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Cellar Door

Latt Sone

Seasons Bistro

AS Deli

CFC, City Food Concepts aims to bring the best food standards of various local and international cuisines to the local people, offering excellent taste and service.


Activity Poster

"Get a beautifully crafted hamper by purchasing more than 15000ks worth bread within Yangon!"

Activity Poster

My Hero Story

"Seasons started the CSR Campaign called "My Hero" Campaign yearly to contribute back to Myanmar's communities. In 2020, Seasons started My Hero 1 by offering total 35000 My Hero buns to 24 hospitals in Yangon where the frontliners were fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2021, Seasons started My Hero 2 campaign again to support the orphans by delivering 18000 My Hero buns to 17 orphanages within Yangon."